Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Open for Business

Welcome to a work in progress. The foundation is poured. Walls and roof are in place. The last of the floor boards accepted its final nail. I hope to be adding amenities like figurative lights, carpet and plumbing as my layman’s understanding of web design allows. In the meantime, I thought I’d christen this edifice with a brief preamble so as to clarify both my identity and intent.

I’ve been writing about music since mid-1997, focusing primarily on jazz and improvised music though touching on most other major genres along the way. My longest tenure was at Cadence Magazine where I learned the delicate art of the negative review and honed an appreciation for the four corners of the improv compass. I’ve also punted for online publications like All About Jazz, One Final Note and Bagatellen over the years and still contribute regularly to Dusted Magazine. The recent shuttering of Bags is partly what prompted the launch of this place.

Writing and music remain among my chief passions, but a string of positive life changes has placed time for the first pursuit at a premium these days. As Frank Lowe was wont to say and I’m always willing to quote: “addiction ain’t fiction”. Fortunately people continue to patiently send me things for exposition. Toward that end, self-publishing seems the easiest avenue to go and with blogging software streamlining the way it is, even a luddite like me can figure out the basics. My goal in the New Year is to significantly erode the backlog of terrific music that I’ve yet to formally comment on. Fingers crossed.

The blog’s title will no doubt be easily deciphered by most folks who find there way here. It just seemed apposite given the feel and scope I’m aiming for, namely reviews and the occasional longer thought piece. Thanks for joining me in this venture and I hope you’ll stop back frequently to see how this joint develops.

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